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Our Most Powerful Marketing Tool!

Generates Prospects

Massive action equals massive results! VMA System helps you target your advertising and marketing efforts, capture more prospects and grow your database with nearly a dozen different methods ANY business owner can use!

Presents Your Opportunity

VMA System automatically pulls prospects into your sales funnel 24/7! Better yet, it presents your products and opportunity with a cutting-edge marketing site that answers questions, overcomes objections, and incites action!

Follows-Up Automatically

VMA System is hard at work, even when you're not. We automatically guide your prospects using our proprietary (and proven) “engage, educate, convert” approach through professionally written automated email campaigns.

People Join Your Business!

More prospects
+Better presentation
+Increased automation
=Faster Growth!

Our system even trains and transforms new distributors into productive members of your team!

Think About the Activities that Make YOU Money…

When you ask successful networkers to name their RPAs (Revenue Producing Activities)
they’re very quick to list a few key things.

Revenue Producing Activities
  • Generating Prospects
  • Exposing
  • Presenting
  • Communication
  • Relationship Building
  • Converting
  • Organization
  • Following-up
  • Team Building / Training
  • Duplication
Unfortunately, Most of These Activities are Completely Separate.

Each requires a focused effort and a lot of time, and often, concentrating on one income producing activity comes at the expense of another. Not anymore.

1 Tool. 100% Focus on What Makes YOU Money.

Team building and training shouldn’t come at the expense of generating leads. Closing the sale with current prospects shouldn’t prevent you from presenting to new ones. With VMA System it all happens simultaneously – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Never before has one tool done so much to simplify or automate the activities that translate into growth and profit!

Work Smarter. Earn More.

By managing every aspect of your business, VMA System makes it easier to experience the consistent, organization-wide growth most business owners only dream about. Experience the power of this system for yourself.

The Ultimate Marketing System

Simplifies. Automates. Sells.

VMA System has an Account Level for Everyone!



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